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Артикли в контексте (The Monkey Hunter) - Александр/Алеша vs Алексей К.


— Richard Sinclair worked for — zoo. He was — hunter. When — zoo wanted — new animals, — Richard went out and caught — them. He was — very good hunter and he had — unusual way of — catching — animals. — one year — zoo needed — some African tree monkeys so — Richard went to — Africa to catch — some. He took — new assisstant with him. — Richard also took — very large dog with him. It was — angry dog and it had very — large, sharp teeth. It often bit — people so — Richard tied — piece of — rope around — dog's mouth to keep it closed. — three of them travelled to — Africa. They went into — jungle to — area where — tree monkeys lived. When they saw — tree monkey in — tall tree in — front of them, Richard took out — large bag and — gun. He gave — them to — assistant. “What will I do with — these?” — assistant asked. “Listen carefully,” — Richard said. “I will climb — tree. Then I will shake — tree very hard and — monkey will fall out of — it.” — assistant thought for — minute. Then he said, “But — monkey is very fast and it will run away before I can catch — it.” “Don't worry,” — Richard replied. “Take — rope from — dog's mouth. It is — very angry and very fast. It will catch — monkey and bite it with — its sharp teeth. — dog will hold the monkey in — its mouth. You follow — dog and put — monkey in — bag. — very easy. — very simple and it works — every time. Do you understand what to do?” — assistant thought for — few seconds. Then he said, “Yes. I understand what to do. But what do I need — gun for?” Richard smiled and said, “To shoot — dog.” </poem>

По цепочке заполните пропуски артиклями: a(n), zero, the, NA (no article)


AlexanderAlexander, 2018/11/21 14:10, 2018/11/29 17:31

NA Richard Sinclair worked for the zoo. He was the hunter.

Alexei_KudinovAlexei_Kudinov, 2018/11/24 20:25

When the zoo wanted zero new animals, zero Richard went out and caught zero them.

AlexanderAlexander, 2018/11/29 17:33, 2018/12/10 17:46

He was the very good hunter and he had an unusual way of NA catching NA animals.
He was a very good hunter and he had an unusual way of NA catching the animals.

Alexei_KudinovAlexei_Kudinov, 2018/12/04 18:48, 2018/12/06 10:54

zero one year the zoo needed zero some African tree monkeys so zero Richard went to the Africa to catch zero some.

AlexanderAlexander, 2018/12/10 17:49, 2018/12/10 17:50

He took a new assisstant with him. NA Richard also took a very large dog with him.

Alexei_KudinovAlexei_Kudinov, 2018/12/11 09:19

It was zero angry dog and it had very zero large, sharp teeth

Yuri ScherbakovYuri Scherbakov, 2019/05/11 19:43


AlexAlex, 2019/05/11 22:28

It often bit zero people so NA Richard tied a piece of zero rope around the dog's mouth to keep it closed.

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