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 ====== детерминативы при однородных членах ====== ====== детерминативы при однородных членах ======
 +Укажите смысловое отличие между высказываниями.
 **His** daughter and **his** wife knew everything.\\ **His** daughter and **his** wife knew everything.\\
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 **The** daughter and **his** wife knew everything.\\ **The** daughter and **his** wife knew everything.\\
-Укажите смысловое отличие между высказываниями.+Заполните пропуск соответствующим глаголом is/was/are/were/has/have 
 +His father and her mother ... come and ... waiting in the hall.\\ 
 +Her father and chief of the parents' committee ... here now.\\ 
 +Her father and the chief of the parents' committee ... here yesterday.\\ 
 +The sofa and bed ... in that corner earlier.\\ 
 +The bread and butter ... been cut into two.\\ 
 +The bread and some butter ... on the table. 
 {{tag>}} {{tag>}}
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