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Какая смысловая разница между высказываниями:
This is Ray's boat not my boat.
This is Ray's boat not mine.


Замените сочетание притяжательного местоимения и существительного местоимением-проформой (см. таблицу)

1. This is Mary's coat not his coat.
2. This is Tom's ticket not her ticket.
3. This is Sam's car not our car.
4. This is Kim's house not their house.
5. This is my TV not your TV.

6. This is Mary's coat. My coat is black.
7. This is Tom's ticket. His ticket is here.
8. This is Sam's car. Their car is over there.
9. This is Kim's house. Our house is old.
10. This is my TV. Her TV is a Sony.
11. This is the dog's bowl. Your bowl is on the table.

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