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 +====== have married (Present Perfect) vs. married (Past Simple) ======
 +{{http://​​files/​SRC1/​02/​text/​01.png?​300 }}
 +Gladys said, "I **have married** a very rich man, Maisie, and I have got a beautiful house and a large garden and four gardeners. And I **have bought** a lot of clothes and I have money as well. My husband has got a plane too, and he flies it!"\\
 +Maisie said, "A lot of people have got planes and fly them, Gladys." ​
 +<color brown>​**Вопросы**:</​color>​
 +1. Что хочет Gladys, чтобы ее подруга Maisie вычитала из фраз //I **have married** a very rich man// и //I **have bought** a lot of clothes//?​\\
 +2. Почему во фразах // I have got a beautiful house// ... //I have money as well. My husband has got a plane// нет перфекта?​ Что изменилось в реальности (= на уровне реалий предметного мира), если бы Gladys сказала так: // I **have had** a beautiful house// ... //I **have had** money as well. My husband **has had** a plane//?
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