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 +====== Heather Ale. A Galloway Legend ======
 +В рубрике "Вопросы Юрию Николаевичу" сегодня "Вересковый мед" Роберта Л. Стивенсона
 +**Heather Ale. A Galloway Legend**\\
 +//Robert Louis Stevenson// 
 +From the bonny bells of heather \\
 +They brewed a drink lang-sync, \\
 +Was sweeter far than honey,\\
 +Was stronger far than wine. \\
 +They brewed it and they drank it,\\
 +And lay in blessed swound \\
 +For days and days together\\
 +In their dwellings underground.\\
 +There rose a king in Scotland,\\
 +A fell man to his foes, \\
 +He smote the Picts in battle,\\
 +He hunted them like roes. \\
 +Over miles of the red mountain\\
 +He hunted as they fled,\\
 +And strewed the dwarfish bodies\\
 +Of the dying and the dead.
 +Summer came in the country,\\
 +Red was the heather bell; \\
 +But the manner of the brewing\\
 +Was none alive to tell.\\
 +In graves that were like children's \\
 +On many a mountain head \\
 +The brewsters of the heather\\
 +Lay numbered with the dead.
 +The king in the red moorland \\
 +Rode on a summer's day;\\
 +And the bees hummed, and the curlews\\
 +Cried beside the way.\\
 +The king rode, and was angry,\\
 +Black was his brow and pale, \\
 +To rule in a land of heather\\
 +And lack **the Heather Ale**.
 +It fortuned that his vassals,\\
 +Riding free on the heath, \\
 +Came on a stone that was fallen \\
 +And vermin hid beneath.\\
 +Rudely plucked from their hiding,\\
 +Never a word they spoke: \\
 +A son and his aged father—\\
 +Last of the dwarfish folk.
 +The king sat high on his charger,\\
 +He looked on the little men;\\
 +And the dwarfish and swarthy couple\\
 +Looked at the king again.\\
 +Down by the shore he had them;\\
 +And there on the giddy brink—\\
 +"I give you life, ye vermin,\\
 +For the secret of the drink."
 +There stood **the son and father**\\
 +And they looked high and low; \\
 +The heather was red around them,\\
 +The sea rumbled below.\\
 +And up spoke the father,\\
 +Shrill was his voice to hear: \\
 +"I have a word in private,\\
 +A word for the royal ear.\\
 +"Life is dear to the aged,
 +And honour a little thing; \\
 +I would gladly sell the secret,"\\
 +Quoth the Pict to the king.\\
 +His voice was small as a sparrow's.\\
 +And shrill and wonderful clear: \\
 +"I would gladly sell my secret,\\
 +Only my son I fear.
 +"For life is a little matter,\\
 +And death is naught to the young;\\
 +And I dare not sell my honour \\
 +Under the eye of my son.\\
 +Take him, O king, and bind him, \\
 +And cast him far in the deep;\\
 +And it's I will tell the secret\\
 +That I have sworn to keep."
 +Then they took the son and bound him\\
 +Neck and heels in a thong,\\
 +And a lad took him and swung him,\\
 +And flung him far and strong. \\
 +And the sea swallowed his body,\\
 +Like that of a child of ten ;-\\
 +And there on the cliff stood the father,\\
 +Last of the dwarfish men.
 +"True was the word I told you;\\
 +Only my son I feared;\\
 +For I doubt the sapling courage\\
 +That goes without the beard.\\
 +But now in vain is the torture\\
 +Fire shall never avail:\\
 +Here dies in my bosom\\
 +The secret of **Heather Ale**."
 +1. Почему в заглавии Heather Ale без артикля, потом в тексте с определенным артиклем, потом в конце опять без артикля?\\
 +2. Почему один артикль на двоих the son and father?//
 +<spoiler|мысль по поводу "the son and father">
 +выше по тексту они называются the dwarfish and swarthy couple, в этом дело?
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