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 +====== in vs. at  ======
 +A man was trying to build an electric motor-car. He worked in an office in the town during most of the week, but on Saturdays and Sundays he stayed at home in the country and worked on his electric car.
 +Every Monday he told his friends at the office about his work on the car, but his news about it was never very good.
 +Then at last one Monday morning he came to the office and said to his friends, "I have done it! I have driven from my home to here by electricity!"​ His friends were all very glad. 'How much did it cost to get here by electricity?'​ they asked. "Three hundred and two pounds,"​ he answered. "Two pounds for the electricity,​ and three hundred pounds for the electric wires from my house to the car."
 +<color brown>​**Вопрос**:</​color>​
 +1.//​Какова семантическая (= смысловая) разница между:​\\ he told his friends **at** the office about his work\\
 +he told his friends **in** the office about his work?//\\
 +{{tag> message}}
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