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 +====== Past Perfect vs. Past Simple (Ali-Baba) ======
 +{{ }}
 +At last, still thinking how he (Kasim)
 +could get yet more, he began to drag his heavy sacks to the end of the gallery and to pile them up. It was not till
 +he was nearly fainting with his effort and his wild excitement, that he decided to go. And now it was that Allah
 +turned Kasim's shocking greed against him, for in his excitement and thinking only of his wild plans to keep all
 +the treasure to himself he found that when he needed to speak it, he **had forgotten** the word. He stood
 +thinking: «I-i-it was the name of a grain» Yes, he knew that much. «But which grain? Open, barley!» he cried.
 +«Open, millet! Open, wheat!» But all in vain. The rock **remained** shut.
 +He began to be afraid. «Eh-eh-eh open, rice! Open, rye!» Still that was of no use. There he stood speechless
 +now and growing more and more terrified and confused. At last he heard a noise like thunder and a crack of
 +light began to appear.\\
 +It was the robbers. They **had come** back, **had seen** the mules, **had leapt**
 +from their horses, **had looked** everywhere for the mules’ owner and now
 +their chief pointing his drawn sword at the rock **had spoken** the magic
 +words: «Open, Sesame». Kasim guessing the terrible truth, made a wild
 +rush for the freedom as the rock split only at the very entrance to be cut
 +into six pieces by the swords of the furious robbers. The thieves laughed
 +loudly, wiped their swords, tossed the wretched fragments inside, emptied
 +out the sacks of treasure that Kasim **had piled** up, and then had a look to
 +see if anything else seemed to have gone. But so great was the mass of
 +treasure that they **never missed** the six small bags of gold that the careful
 +Ali Baba **had gathered** from here and there.\\
 +And now the forty robbers sat in a circle discussing, as well they might, how this greasy citizen who **had not
 +looked**, the sort of man who **ever came** to the forest **could have discovered** their secret.
 +<color brown>**Задание**:</color>
 +Прокомментируйте выделенные места в тексте 
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