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General Questions (THE SALESPERSON) - Олег vs Владимир

Henry Leech was a salesman. He was a good salesman and sold lots of vacuum cleaners. One
week, the manager sent Henry into the countryside to sell.
He drove out of town and stopped at a farmhouse. He knocked on the door and the farmer’s
wife opened it. Henry started into his speech immediately.
“Mam, how much time do you spend sweeping the floors? “
“A lot of time. This is a farm and things get dirty quickly.” said the woman.
“And how much time do you spend beating the carpets?” asked Henry.
“A lot of time. This house gets dusty and my dog also lays on them”
“Well” said Henry, “This is your lucky day.”
Henry showed her his vacuum cleaner and said,
“You can clean the house in 5 minutes with this!”
The farmer’s wife didn’t look interested.
Henry took out a big bag of dirt. He opened it and threw it all over the floor. The farmer’s
wife was very surprised. Before she could speak Henry said, “ Mam, if this machine doesn’t
pick up every last piece of dirt, I will eat all of it!!!!!”
The farmer’s wife looked at Henry and said,

По цепочке предложите друг другу по 10 общих вопросов к тексту на краткий ответ.


Первая сторона:

Did the woman need to buy her mother a birthday present?

Вторая сторона:

She did.

2019/06/17 22:20 · schyuri · 0 Comments

Активный/Действительный Залог vs. Пассивный/Страдательный Залог - Владимир vs Олег

По цепочке предложите друг другу на перевод на английский язык по 10 пар высказываний в активном и пассивном залоге.


Первая сторона:

Послышался шум. ← Passive Voice
Никто не слышал шум. ← Active Voice

Вторая сторона:

A noise was heard.
No one heard a noise.

2019/06/04 22:00 · schyuri · 6 Comments

Падежные отношения (падежные предлоги) 2 - Вадим vs Владимир

По цепочке по 5 предложений заполните пропуски падежными предлогами to, with, by, of, about.

1. This is the garden —– my neighbour.
2. He was born —– a very rich family.
3. Here is a toast —– your success.
4. He used to be a good friend —– mine.
5. He has no money —– him.
6. What did he say —– my suggestion?
7. How much —– it do you want? (Вам этого сколько нужно?)
8. I saw it —– my own eyes.
9. The room was hung —– pictures.
10. The next room smelled —– mice.
11. The membership —– the club increased —– 350.
12. We'll come back —– way of mountains.
13. She was called —– the name —– Mary.
14. He achieved success —– means —– hard work.
15. There was one child —– that marriage.
16. They are the two children —– (от кого) her first husband.
17. They are the two children —– (кого/чьи) her first husband.
18. It is clever —– you to act so.
19. Within a year —– his death the family suffered a lot.
20. What a mountain —– a wave!
21. This film is made —– children in mind.
22. He goes —– the name —– John.
23. The fact —– your speaking —– him astounded us.
24. I have not seen —– him for a long time.
25. He began the work —– collecting material.
26. It is you I'm thinking —–.
27. They are coming on the first —– May.
28. What has he presented her —–?
29. We broaden our outlook —– learning languages.
30. A mile east —– the port there is a bay.
31. He had such hopes —– it!
32. I have done this —– my own will.
33. It came about all —– itself.
34. He is one —– us.
35. We are pleased —– the house.
36. Could I ask a favour—– you?
37. The city was destroyed —– the fire (пожаром).
38. The city was destroyed —– fire (огнемётами).
39. He was robbed —– his purse.
40. What has become —– him?
41. Hamlet was written —– Shakespeare.
42. The trees stood bare —– leaves.
43. This skirt is identical —– mine.
44. He spoke —– the demonstration.
45. Such a symptom is alarming —– the doctor.
46. Does red go —– green?
47. Have you been —– bed?
48. Such mistakes would be impossible —– a careful secretary.
49. Her hair became grey —– the passing of the years.
50. He walked without shoes —– his feet.
51. Give —– me —– the book, please.
52. Give —– the book —– me, please.
53. The novel is true —– life.
54. What —– your report?
55. He prefers writing —– talking.
56. What is wrong —– the colour?
57. It's second nature —– me now.
58. This is not the right key —– the lock.
59. She is not afraid —- dogs.
60. Don't speak — me like that!

2019/06/04 17:50 · schyuri · 3 Comments

Past Simple vs Present Perfect - Алёша vs Олег

По цепочке предложите по 10 пар высказываний в Past Simple и Present Perfect для перевода на русский язык с комментированием.


Первая сторона:

I fixed my car.
I have fixed my car.

Вторая сторона:

Я починил свою машину. (Когда она понадобится, то знай, что она на ходу.)
Я починил свою машину. (Это ту, которая на прошлой неделе сломалась, когда мы собирались поехать на ней на пикник. Поэтому собирайся - едем на пикник прямо сейчас.)

2019/05/27 22:10 · schyuri · 10 Comments

Придаточные условия/времени vs придаточные дополнительные - Владимир vs Роман


По цепочке предложите друг другу по 10 пар высказываний на английском языке с придаточным условия/времени и придаточным дополнительным для перевода на русский язык.

Первая сторона:

If there won’t one hundred, tell me.
If there isn’t one hundred, tell me.

Вторая сторона:

Скажи мне, не будет ли там одной сотни.
Если там не будет одной сотни, скажешь мне.

2019/05/17 19:21 · schyuri · 7 Comments

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